Medi-Rip Self-Adherent Bandage 1″


Medi-Rip Self-Adherent Bandage 1″

Medi-Rip is a superior, self-adherent elastic support and compression bandage. Woven of 99% cotton yarn, it is absorbent, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Medi-Rip does not stick to skin or hair, and wont leave adherent residue. Scissors are not required as Medi-Rip tears easily to the desired length. Because it conforms easily to all body contours, Medi-Rip is easy to control and apply.


  • Adheres only to itself, never skin or hair, without pins, clips, or tape
  • Provides superior support and compression
  • Woven of 99% cotton yarn
  • Porous and comfortable to wear
  • Hand-tears to the desired length
  • Conforms easily to body contours

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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Medi-Rip Self-Adherent Bandage
Medi-Rip Self-Adherent Bandage 1″


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