Curity Gauze Sponges – Non-Sterile, 3×3, 12 ply


The Covidien 2346 Kendall Curity 3 x 3 Non-Sterile Woven Sponge Gauzeis a dressing with a varying degree of uses, it can be used to pack down wounds or abrasions and cover areas with infused solutions for proper healing. The material of the gauze is made of cotton, it is low in synthetic material to decrease possible allergic reactions from patients who have sensitivities.

The Kendall Curity 3×3 Cotton Gauze Sponge with Woven Design has 12 plies for maximum absorbency. The gauze is a standard size and can be easily wrapped around and kept in place with the help of a bandage wrap. When replacing the gauze, you must treat the damaged area with a cleansing solution such as the Wound Wash Simply Saline; once your wound is clean, then you may place your new gauze.

The square shape of the gauze is a regular use for treatments, although they can be cut and adjusted for a better fit it is not recommended to do so as it may leave small fibers of the gauze lodged within the wound. Provided non-sterile, these gauzes’ are not to be used for surgical procedures but rather for treatments that can be administered with a quick visit to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • 12 Ply Material
  • Woven Pattern
  • Cotton Material
  • Standard Size for Small Treatments
  • Provided Non-Sterile
  • Square Shape


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Curity Gauze Sponges
Curity Gauze Sponges – Non-Sterile, 3×3, 12 ply


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