Pre-Cut Pad #104 Adhesive-Backed, Felt 1/8″


Pre-Cut Pad #104 Adhesive Backed, Felt 1/8″

These adhesive-backed felt pre-cut pads ease ball of foot pain by taking pressure away from the forefoot.

Felt Pre-Cut Pads have been used for years by shoe repair shops and podiatrists to cushion painful forefoot problems. These felt pre-cut pads help off-load weight away from your forefoot, reducing symptoms associated with metatarsalgia, forefoot calluses, Mortons’ neuroma, sesamoiditis, and ball of foot pain.

Self-adhesive 1/8 inch thick felt pads fit inside shoes or directly onto the foot to support, comfort, and protect. The Felt Pre-Cut Pads measure 2.5 inches from tip to base, and 2 inches wide. Great for dress shoes when an arch support device just can’t be worn. Effective in all shoes.


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