HealthyStep Pedipod Excellent Children’s Foot Insoles


The Pedipod is a unique pediatric device designed by HealthyStep.

Easy to fit in most sensible children’s shoe styles, the Pedipod children’s foot insoles give immediate pain relief and stabilizes children’s feet, but the best results are achieved when exercises are done to strengthen the feet and legs.

The Pedipod has been specifically designed for children’s feet reflecting their more mobile foot joints. These aren’t just undersized adult insoles. The Pedipod orthotic device captures abnormal foot motion and controls it while the foot grows and strengthens more naturally.

Be sure to check the size chart image in product gallery.

Additional information on the design features

Deep Heel Cup

The Pedipod has a deep heel cup, allowing a little more anti-pronatory control. This means added comfort and that feeling of being properly supported.

Reduced Pronation

The midfoot ‘saddle’ is a contoured profile that improves dynamic function by reducing the amount and speed of pronation in the hindfoot of the child.

More Efficient Gait

Under the first joint is a recess which allows the big toe to bend (dorsiflex) effectively when walking, making the gait more efficient.


Healthystep children's foot insoles
HealthyStep Pedipod Excellent Children’s Foot Insoles
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