HealthyStep Alleviate Evolve Insole


Developed by British podiatrists at HealthyStep. Offering you similar support and treatment options to the Powerstep and Pinnacle devices but with excellent customization options Alleviate prescriptive orthotics are there to treat all conditions.

Designed to be the best first intervention device available on the market and the go-to range for more active people that want something comfortable, functional, and also sporty in aesthetics.

The midfoot support stabilizes the foot when loaded and is more comfortable than a traditional ‘arch support’. The unique ‘Midfoot Saddle’ with an arch profile, heel cup, metatarsal support, and big toe dell is designed to affect motion in the sagittal plane.  The features are designed to respond to the three main phases of gait; heel strike, midstance, and propulsion.

1 Pair/Pkg.

Be sure to check the size chart image in product gallery.

HealthyStep Alleviate Evolve Insole
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