DARCO Softie Shoe


The DARCO Softie Shoe is a cost effective alternative to the more premium shoes while still providing the rigidity and control of the forefoot you have come to expect from all DARCO products.

Features and Benefits:
* Semi-rigid metatarsal shank: provides superior control of forefoot motion to ensure post operative healing remains undisturbed. Better protection after osteotomies.
* Tri-Laminated Upper: Light weight tricot-foam material is breathable and comfortably conforms to bony abnormalities.
* Hook and Loop Straps: Easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand.

MEN’S SMALL: 6 – 8
MEN’S MEDIUM: 8 1/2 – 10
MEN’S LARGE: 10 1/2 – 12
MEN’S X-LARGE: 12 1/2 – 14

WOMEN’S MEDIUM: 6 1/2 – 8
WOMEN’S LARGE: 8 1/2 – 10

DARCO Softie Shoe
DARCO Softie Shoe
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